Dr. Hutchens values her patients' experience.  If you are currently a patient of hers, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Julet Hutchens
Your Parker Chiropractor

  • "Lower back pain
    My personal experience with Dr. Julet Hutchens came after I turned 50. Working a lot in my yard and lifting heavy loads, took its toll on my back and resulted in a lot of pain. Already after my first visit, I experience a great relief and by having Dr. Hutchens regularly adjust my back, I have experienced days where I almost crawled into her clinic, and walked out straight.

    The entire procedure was executed with exceptional skill, in a very professional manner, and with an incredible responsibility and attention to my well being. Thank you for your precious work and the kind treatment that never let me doubt my decision to do this."
    B.A. Colorado Springs
  • "Neck & mid-back pain
    I have worked on and around computers for my entire career. As my eyes began to fade 10 years I began having severe neck and mid-back trouble with splitting headaches caused mostly by leaning toward my computer screen to keep things in focus.

    Two years ago I was introduced to Dr. Hutchens by a mutual friend. From my first visit I was impressed. She isolated my problems in about 3 minutes. The day of my first visit I had a raging headache with very sharp pains shooting up the back of my skull. Within a minute of her adjustment my headache was gone. My mid-thoracic adjustments are very tight and do not respond well to traditional adjustment procedures. Over the course of 6 weeks she and I tried several different adjustments procedures before finding one that works best for me.

    Dr. Hutchens is one of the best. There is magic in her hands."
    B.D. Lakewood, CO
  • "[Dr.Hutchens] ...you are the best back cracker around! You really get things moving, and you take the time to get it right and be thorough."
    R.M. Littleton